Why Join

Why Join

Why should I join the Terrell Heights Neighborhood Association?

We believe that Terrell Heights is one of the most exciting neighborhoods in San Antonio. We boast a decades long legacy of consistent community-building activity and neighborhood improvement, along with effective engagement with the city and other neighborhood associations. Your membership makes this possible.

A strong neighborhood is made possible in great part by a strong neighborhood association. When people search for a special place to live and raise their families, it is about more than the single house they find. It is about what makes the community unique. We offer that in Terrell Heights — a truly unique and diverse community with excellent schools, strong real estate values, convenience to key amenities, and lots of activities for all ages. Much of that legacy is due to the Terrell Heights Neighborhood Association.

You should join so you do your part to build on this legacy.

Where exactly does my money go?

Association dues go towards various social and civic projects that make Terrell Heights feel like a cohesive, welcoming place to live.  Some specifics include:

  • Neighborhood communications like online resources such as this web site, our Facebook page, and NextDoor and other community outlets
  • Annual neighborhood events such as the Spring Picnic, Screen at the Scates Movie Series, Neighborhood Yard Sale, National Night Out, Pumpkin Party, Elf Louise, and other events
  • Signature Terrell Heights signage with informational banners throughout the community
  • Ongoing landscaping and beautification of the traffic islands and providing leadership on improvements such as Scates Park
  • Facilitating new ventures to make the community stronger such as establishing NextDoor in our neighborhood, assisting with the initial funding and development of the Community Garden, founding Friends of Scates Park, and other activities
  • Providing effective representation for the community to the City of San Antonio and our district City Councilman to advocate for our the safety and improvement of our neighborhood

None of this would be possible without membership dues and the many volunteers who make these things and so many others happen.

Our membership rates are a bargain when compared to how much work goes into this association and all of our year-round and year-after-year activities for a neighborhood of this size.

Please join us today and become a fully engaged member of the Terrell Heights community.

How do I benefit from joining?

There are many civic and personal benefits to joining a neighborhood association.  Members of THNA have a voice about how they are represented in the city, get recognition at community events like the Annual Picnic, and are eligible to vote at the Annual Membership meeting. Additionally, soon you will begin to be invited to members-only parties and receive special discounts and other opportunities.

Is this an HOA and is joining mandatory?

Joining the Terrell Heights Neighborhood Association is voluntary. We are not a Homeowners Association and there is an important difference. We seek to represent the whole of the neighborhood as best we can when it comes to local governance issues with the City and County, as well as enhance the social life of the community in many different ways. We specifically do not regulate how people live or what they can do with their property, nor do we have a role in enforcing city codes and legal compliance.