Terrell Heights Neighborhood Association established for the neighborhood the NextDoor system to facilitate communication among residents and surrounding neighborhoods. The service is free to use and connects you directly with most of your neighbors, creating a strong sense of community and immediacy of communication when desired. Sign-up today!

City Council Representative

Terrell Heights is in City Council District 10. Our City Council representative Mike Gallagher.

210.207.0999 – District 10 field office

210.207.7276 – District 10 City Hall office

City of San Antonio District 10 Website

San Antonio Police Department

SAFFE stands for San Antonio Fear Free Environment. Our SAFFE Officer is Moses Berban, who is assigned to District 10 and regularly patrols our neighborhood. He periodically attends meetings of the neighborhood association and welcomes local residents to contact him regarding any public safety matters.

Officer Berban’s direct numbers are:

210-207-5198 Desk
210-218-6529 Cell

You can check on any crime reports in our neighborhood through the San Antonio Police Department, or also by using’s Crimebase.

Remember: If you have an emergency, always call 911.

Community Resources

Other resources, including Senior Services, local library information, and information on area parks can be found here: District 10 Community Guide

Bexar County Police Constable

The Bexar County Police Constable’s office has launched The BCP3 Alert Network, a new interactive way to keep the community connected and informed through opt-in e-mail, text message, and web published public safety alerts. Click here to read about the system or here to sign up for the alerts.