Neighborhood Association Meetings

Board of Directors

For the 2014-2015 year (through September), the Board meets quarterly, usually on the fourth Monday of the month at 6:00 pm. Meeting months are: February, May, August, and November. These meetings are open to all Household and Associate Members of the Association, and other upon invitation of a board member. Notice of the quarterly meetings will be made to the members who are eligible to attend in accordance with the Bylaws of the Association

The Board may also meet via conference call and email in between quarterly meetings, on an infrequent and as needed basis — any business conducted in these meetings is report on a consent agenda at the next quarterly meeting and recorded in the minutes of the Association.


Standing and ad hoc committees of the Association meet on an informal basis, as needed, subject to the discretion of the committee chair. Members wanting to participate with a committee and attend meetings and activities should contact the chair of the committee.

Annual Meeting

The annual meeting of the Association is held in September annually. The meeting is open to all Household and Associate Members and others by invitation of a member of the Board. The meeting date, time, and location will be announced prior to the meeting in accordance with the Bylaws of the Association.