Events & Socials

Chair: Mari Verduzco Boyd


Members: Open to all Members of the Association


Focus:  Coordinate and promote all social events for the year, not otherwise charged to a different committee, and develop ideas for new events.


    • Annual Neighborhood Picnic
    • Neighborhood Yard Sale
    • Screen at the Scates Movie Series
    • National Night Out
    • Pumpkin Carving Party
    • Elf Louise Holiday Toy Drive

Committee reports and related stories can be found below.

Screen at the Scates to Show Films All Year
Coming off the well-received trial effort this past summer to show movies at Scates Park, the Terrell Heights Neighborhood Association’s
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Terrell Heights rolls out the red, ahem green, carpet
Terrell Heights Neighborhood Association is bringing a blockbuster summer to your backyard with the 1st Annual Screen at the Scates
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Elf Louise Toy Drive 2014
Each year the THNA Events committee organizes a holiday gathering that goes beyond the usual hot chocolate and gingerbread cookies
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Elf Louise Toy Drive 2013 a success
Terrell Heights residents braved a chilly, windy morning to turn out for the neighborhood’s Elf Louise toy drive on Saturday,
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