Terrell Heights Neighborhood Association employs a working committee structure in which the majority of the activity and accomplishment of the organization is achieved on the committee level. These committees provide an easy and direct way for members to get involved regardless of their skill level or the amount of time they have available. There is truly something for everyone.

The Standing Committees of the Association are:

Social Committee

Chair: Mari Verduzco Boyd

Members: Open to all Members of the Association

Focus:  Coordinate all social events for the year not otherwise charged to a different committee and develop ideas for new events


* Spring Picnic

* Neighborhood Yard Sale

* Screen at the Scates Movie Series

* National Night Out

* Pumpkin Part

* Elf Louise Holiday Toy Drive

Beautification Committee

Chair: Amy Sharp

Members: Open to all Members of the Association

Focus: Volunteers help to beautify and enhance the neighborhood, especially the public spaces of the traffic islands and Scates Park


* Conduct long-range landscape planning of public spaces within the neighborhood

* Coordinate landscaping, gardening, tree planting and other neighborhood beautification projects

* Facilitate the Buckets & Boots Kids Club

* Coordinate the annual herb and plant sale at the Spring Picnic and Pumpkin Party

* Manage the Friends of Scates volunteer group

Membership Committee

Co-Chairs: Thomas Payton and Kay Kimbell

Members: Open to all Members of the Association

Focus: Promoting and retaining membership through engagement and communication within the neighborhood


* Manage membership database

* Facilitate new and renewal membership solicitation  Coordinate with Events, Beautification, and Infrastructure committees

* Conduct the annual Walk the Blocks event visiting door-to-door with all Terrell Heights neighbors and promoting the Associaiton

* Managing the Block Captain program as ambassadors to all neighborhood residents block-by-block

* Manage the Associations web site, social media (Facebook), and other print and digital communications

Infrastructure Committee

Chair: Jenny Heymann

Members: Open to all Members of the Association

Focus: To research and advocate for infrastructure conditions in the neighborhood including streets, traffic, and public safety considerations


* Review plans for municipal improvements to streets, sidewalks, alleys, traffic control, lighting and other matters

* Solicit input, with consent of the Board, from among the membership regarding setting priorities

* Representing the Board with approval in lobbying improvements to the neighborhood infrastructure

Nominating Committee

Chair: President

Members: As defined in the Bylaws of the Association

Focus: Effectively managing the process of securing nominees and recommending to the Board candidates for the Board and Officer positions of the Association prior to the Annual Meeting of the Membership

Ad Hoc Committees

Chair: Appointed by the President of the Association

Members: Appointed by the President from among the Members of the Association

Focus: As identified by the President, short-term and limited in focus and charged with researching and making recommendations to the Board on specific issues, as needed