Blue, Green, and Brown Solid Waste Cans

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Last week we had an alley maintenance meeting with speakers from Solid Waste Management, Code Enforcement Services, and Transportation & Capital Improvements. Here is some updated information and flyers. In a few weeks, the THNA will be distributing COSA’s service guide to each residence.

1. If you get trash service in the alley – all cans – brown, blue and green should be placed in the alley. Solid Waste will not pick up your green can if put in the street.

2. Larchmont / Eisenhauer residents do not have alley service, hence their cans are placed on the street.

3. Check attached flyers for allowable items – these items DO NOT go in recycling – diapers, construction materials, animal poop bags. Also bundle your plastic bags together for disposal in the blue can. NO plastic in the green compost can.

4. Warning notification for non-compliance will be issued. Frequent violations will result in a $25 fine. Please follow the City policies.

5. Contact 311 if you have any concerns or issues that pertain to service, overgrown brush, water leaks, or drainage problems.

Thank you for helping to keep our alleys clear of overgrown vegetation and complying with the trash and recycling policies.

Blue Cart Fine Flyer (Blue Flyer)

Blue Cart Fine Flyer (Red Flyer)

Organics Flyer (Green)

Organics Flyer (Red)

Letter from Councilman Gallagher

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Terrell Heights Neighborhood Association received a letter from Councilman Gallagher in response to a recent incident where a child was injured from a traffic incident.

The letter addresses neighborhood traffic and infrastructure improvements that have been submitted to the city and how residents can provide input.

We appreciate Councilman Gallagher’s response and attention to this incident and the neighborhood’s infrastructure overall.

Click here to read the full letter.

Improvements Underway at Kenilworth Park

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It is the smallest traffic island in Terrell Heights to be sure, but a testament to the fact that any green space can become special no matter the size.

On a recent work day in November, members of the Terrell Heights Neighborhood Association began work on a new improvement plan for the small traffic island. Initial efforts included removing grass, scraping the dirt leveland regrading, creating border areas and a small pathway, beginning to lay landscape cloth and metal edging, and placing a boulder in the center of the site. Association beautification committee chair, Amy Sharp, prepared the plans along with local landscape architect and neighbor, John Lafoon. Special thanks to new neighbor John Romain who lives on the small park space and who also contributed greatly to the initial effort and planning. Future work days will see the landscape complete with extensive planing. Neighbors are welcome to join in the effort.

Park Partnership with Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church

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The Terrell Heights Neighborhood Association has entered into a new partnership with Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church for a joint adoption of the small park (traffic island) located at the corner of Mt. Calvary Drive and Chevy Chase Drive. The partnership is part of the larger long-term effort on the part of the neighborhood association to adopt all traffic islands in the neighborhood and upgrade them with appropriate landscaping and other improvements.

Amy Sharp, chair of the association’s Beautification Committee, worked hard to make this partnership a possibility. Landscape architect, neighbor and former board member, John Lafoon, provided the master plan. The effort included a significant initial donation of money for improvements as well as a recent work day in November during which approximately 25 neighbors and church congregants joined forces to begin work on the improvements. Initial efforts included removing a top surface of grass and dirt, regrading the area at the tip of of the island, laying water permeable barriers to prevent weeds, installing landscape edging, placing several large boulders and planting three large Mountain Laurels donated by the City’s parks department. Future efforts will include laying decomposed granite for a walkway and base for the boulders as well as mulch and additional plantings. Neighbors are welcome to volunteer to assist on future work days. Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church has agreed to be responsible for ongoing maintenance, and they plan to install a memorial plaque honoring their recently decreased long-time pastor.

Screen at the Scates to Show Films All Year

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Coming off the well-received trial effort this past summer to show movies at Scates Park, the Terrell Heights Neighborhood Association’s social events committee has announced plans to show films at the park year-round. While there are many summer movie series, so far as we know Terrell Heights will have the only outdoor film series that is year-round. The neighborhood association will show movies for all ages, classics to contemporary, six times per year in February, April, June, August, October, and December. Films will often be seasonally timed, and concessions will be adjusted accordingly including hot cocoa and (possibly) campfire Smores during the cold months. So, from shorts, flip flops, and ice cream to blankets, hot drinks, and warm sweaters, we hope to see you at Scates.

The next film in Elf who will be shown just in time for the Christmas holiday, on Friday December 18th at 7pm.