Membership & Communications

multiple25Membership Committee

Chair: Thomas Payton

Members: Open to all Members of the Association

Focus: Promoting and retaining membership through engagement and communication within the neighborhood


  • Manage membership database
  • Facilitate new and renewal membership solicitation  Coordinate with Events, Beautification, and Infrastructure committees
  • Conduct the annual Walk the Blocks event visiting door-to-door with all Terrell Heights neighbors and promoting the Associaiton
  • Managing the Block Captain program as ambassadors to all neighborhood residents block-by-block
  • Manage the Associations web site, social media (Facebook), and other print and digital communications

Committee reports and related stories can be found below.

Block Captain excitement at annual appreciation at EZs
On February 20, the THNA Block Captains had a meeting with the Membership and Communications committee at EZ’s on Brees. 
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Block Captain excitement at annual appreciation at EZs

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On February 20, the THNA Block Captains had a meeting with the Membership and Communications committee at EZ’s on Brees.  It was obvious there is a lot of renewed energy and excitement brewing in THNA and Terrell Heights.

In all, 18 out of 30 block captains attended the meeting headed up by Monica Cruz, who has facilitated previous block captain meetings.  Membership & Communications Committee members Kay Kimbell, Tom Payton, and Anisa Schell discussed agenda details.

The Membership & Communications Committee was formed at the 2013 Annual Membership Meeting with the goal of increasing THNA’s membership and improving the communication betweens THNA, its members and the neighborhood at large.  Since the Block Captains are on the front line of communication between THNA and the neighborhood, the THNA Board decided the Block Captains should be part of the Membership & Communications Committee.

One major goal of this meeting was to propose the idea of the “Second Sunday Walk the Block” campaign where THNA board members and block captains will walk one street per month, knocking on doors and introducing themselves to neighbors.  The purpose of this initiative will be to connect with neighbors one-on-one, giving neighbors an opportunity to meet their block captains and board members, as well as to build membership.

Kay mentioned that as of September 2013, THNA membership was an all-time low, with only about 52 members.  Since then, however, membership has increased to 88.  The Membership & Communications Committee would like to double that number by the end of the year.

The proposal was met with a lot of excitement from the Block Captains attending the meeting, and it will move forward beginning in March.

Block Captain, Victoria Bustos, of the 300 block of Larchmont said,

” I will walk with you as much as possible… I think this is a great idea. I will be happy to share some snacks.”


The second major initiative discussed at the meeting was to make the THNA Newsletter available in electronic format.  THNA would like to offer neighbors the choice of continuing to receive the paper newsletter, or to receive it electronically.  The purpose of this initiative will primarily be to create more efficient means of getting news out to neighbors, as well as saving money on the cost of printing the newsletter, which has increased by 50% since last year.

We encourage neighbors to sign up to receive your newsletters electronically by submitting your email address in the sidebar to the right, under the “Subscribe to the THNA Website” heading.  Your email address remains private and will not be shared with anyone.  Those who still wish to receive a paper copy of the newsletter will, of course, have the option to do so.

The Block Captains had a chance to share ideas at the meeting.  There was a lot of great brainstorming and positive energy.  Ideas ranged from a raffle at the picnic that included a block party as the prize, to including Block Captains in THNA board meetings and communications to keep neighbors better informed.

As the meeting concluded (on time, I might add), people continued to talk and share ideas with each other.  The members of the Membership and Communication committee received lots of great feedback, as well as thumbs-up from Block Captains as they headed to the door.

After the meeting, Kay even received emails from the Block Captains in attendance, thanking the Membership and Communications committee for the meeting.

“Kudos to all for a great meeting. And many thanks for all the hard work and great ideas!  I am excited about the possibilities!  Thanks.” – Kathy Reynolds, Captain of the 100 block of Irvington


Additional meetings between the board and the Block Captains are being planned with the goal of continuing this exciting communication!

If you are a Block Captain and could not attend the meeting, or if you are interested in becoming a Block Captain and helping THNA with their goals for the next year, please contact Monica Cruz or Kay Kimbell for more information.

Neighborhood Association

Terrell Heights Neighborhood Association LogoTerrell Heights Neighborhood Association (THNA) is the official organization representing the residents of Terrell Heights in San Antonio. It provides an organized framework to promote, preserve, and enhance the quality of life and values for the neighborhood of Terrell Heights.

Terrell Heights is a vibrant and diverse neighborhood with a rich history. Original development of homes began in the late 1940s and today comprises more than 850 single-family and duplex homes. The neighborhood association, also known as THNA, has been successful in consistently achieving a number of key goals thanks to the work of dedicated volunteers committed to their community. Included among the goals of the Association are:

  • To foster a unique sense of identity and pride for the neighborhood
  • To promote Terrell Heights as one of the most desirable neighborhoods in San Antonio
  • To enhance the community though one-time and recurring social events for adults and kids alike
  • To represent the neighborhood with city government officials ensuring top-level attention of the needs of our community
  • To create a community in which neighbors know and care for one another
  • To beauty the neighborhood by formally and informally adopting public spaces and improving them through landscaping and signage
  • To increase property values in the neighborhood by creating interest and demand to live in Terrell Heights
  • To encourage residents to maintain and improve their properties, as practical
  • To partner with others to begin their own projects to better the neighborhood
  • To develop a community that is known for walking, running, biking, and safe traffic controls
  • To educate our residents about local governance and how to have a voice in building their community the way they want it to be
  • To operate a financially sound organization that invests funds in ways that will benefit the neighborhood as a whole
  • To be accountable to our members, and encourage every resident to become a member of the Association
  • To ensure that the Association is one of the most active in San Antonio