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Business Membership is available annually to businesses in the general vicinity of Terrell Heights who have a strong sense of community and want to support the neighborhood association. Membership is only available to business approved by the THNA Board of Directors.

The membership is available to companies of any size. Business members may not attend Board Meetings but may attend other meetings upon invitation by the Board of Directors. Business members do not influence or have a vote on any business matters before the Association membership.

Business membership in the Terrell Heights Neighborhood Association is smart. With more than 600 households and over 2,500 adults and children directly in the neighborhood, it is a prime opportunity to reach an economically strong, educated, community minded base of customers inclined to support nearby business. Membership is priced at a level that ensures a substantial return on investment.

Membership in this category entitles the member business to the following:

  • Several opportunities to be featured to almost 800 households and several thousand individuals residing in one of the most desirable and increasingly affluent urban neighborhoods in San Antonio: Terrell Heights.
  • Ongoing mention on the THNA web page of the featured home business and their support of the neighborhood including short description, logo/photo, address and contact information, and web page link
  • Inclusion in an annual message sent to all residents of the neighborhood encouraging them to support the business and including a 200-word profile with a logo/photo, and links to online web sites and social media
  • The opportunity to offer special promotions and discounts to the residents of Terrell Heights at least once annually
  • Special recognition at at least one major event in the neighborhood annually, including the opportunity for the business to hang a banner promoting the business

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