Blue, Green, and Brown Solid Waste Cans

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Last week we had an alley maintenance meeting with speakers from Solid Waste Management, Code Enforcement Services, and Transportation & Capital Improvements. Here is some updated information and flyers. In a few weeks, the THNA will be distributing COSA’s service guide to each residence.

1. If you get trash service in the alley – all cans – brown, blue and green should be placed in the alley. Solid Waste will not pick up your green can if put in the street.

2. Larchmont / Eisenhauer residents do not have alley service, hence their cans are placed on the street.

3. Check attached flyers for allowable items – these items DO NOT go in recycling – diapers, construction materials, animal poop bags. Also bundle your plastic bags together for disposal in the blue can. NO plastic in the green compost can.

4. Warning notification for non-compliance will be issued. Frequent violations will result in a $25 fine. Please follow the City policies.

5. Contact 311 if you have any concerns or issues that pertain to service, overgrown brush, water leaks, or drainage problems.

Thank you for helping to keep our alleys clear of overgrown vegetation and complying with the trash and recycling policies.

Blue Cart Fine Flyer (Blue Flyer)

Blue Cart Fine Flyer (Red Flyer)

Organics Flyer (Green)

Organics Flyer (Red)