Associate Membership

Associate Membership (annual) is specifically for residents of Terrell Heights who are eligible for a Household Membership (any household residing at a single address regardless of the number of adults and children), but where one resident also runs a legal home business for which the resident seeks opportunities to promote the business to other residents of the neighborhood.

In our community we want to see neighbors supporting one another, and this category seeks to give visibility to home-based businesses in Terrell Heights. We are home to more than 600 households and more than 2,500 adults and children. Associate Membership is perfect for residents who offer service based businesses such as computer consulting, home renovations landscape maintenance and improvement, accounting, and other types of activities which they seek to market. Associate Membership may be tax deductible as a business expense, and you are advised to consult your accountant.

Membership in this category entitled the member to:

* Recognition as members and supporters of the neighborhood association at various events and in select communications

* Associate Members are entitled to one vote on any official business matters put before the membership including the Annual Meeting

* Associate Members are entitled to attend any board meetings of the association and ask questions and have input on all matters

* Associate Members also occasionally enjoy members-only events and select discounts and other promotional opportunities

* Special mention on the THNA web page of the featured home business and a once per year special 100-word profile with a photo and links to online web sites and social media.

* The residents of Terrell Heights will be periodically reminded throughout the year about the home-based Associate Members in our community.

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