Neighborhood Association

Terrell Heights Neighborhood Association LogoTerrell Heights Neighborhood Association (THNA) is the official organization representing the residents of Terrell Heights in San Antonio. It provides an organized framework to promote, preserve, and enhance the quality of life and values for the neighborhood of Terrell Heights.

Terrell Heights is a vibrant and diverse neighborhood with a rich history. Original development of homes began in the late 1940s and today comprises more than 850 single-family and duplex homes. The neighborhood association, also known as THNA, has been successful in consistently achieving a number of key goals thanks to the work of dedicated volunteers committed to their community. Included among the goals of the Association are:

  • To foster a unique sense of identity and pride for the neighborhood
  • To promote Terrell Heights as one of the most desirable neighborhoods in San Antonio
  • To enhance the community though one-time and recurring social events for adults and kids alike
  • To represent the neighborhood with city government officials ensuring top-level attention of the needs of our community
  • To create a community in which neighbors know and care for one another
  • To beauty the neighborhood by formally and informally adopting public spaces and improving them through landscaping and signage
  • To increase property values in the neighborhood by creating interest and demand to live in Terrell Heights
  • To encourage residents to maintain and improve their properties, as practical
  • To partner with others to begin their own projects to better the neighborhood
  • To develop a community that is known for walking, running, biking, and safe traffic controls
  • To educate our residents about local governance and how to have a voice in building their community the way they want it to be
  • To operate a financially sound organization that invests funds in ways that will benefit the neighborhood as a whole
  • To be accountable to our members, and encourage every resident to become a member of the Association
  • To ensure that the Association is one of the most active in San Antonio