Proposed road changes at Austin Highway and North New Braunfels

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The McNay Art Museum, our esteemed neighbor, has petitioned the City to close the shortcut immediately south of the McNay (technically Rittiman Road) connecting westbound Austin Highway and N. New Braunfels. If the shortcut closure is approved by the City, the McNay will work with TxDOT in order to build an extended right-turn lane to replace the shortcut, as well as to extend the left-turn lane from Austin Highway to N. New Braunfels.

The turn-lane improvements will be completed before the shortcut is closed, and westbound Austin Highway will remain open during the construction. The McNay will also work with the City and VIA to relocate the VIA bus stop which is currently at that intersection, so that it will not interfere with the flow of traffic in the right-turn lane. THNA board members and McNay representatives attended a meeting called at the request of Councilman Gallagher, where we learned that the McNay plans to use the additional property (now the shortcut) to connect to the triangular piece of property (which currently contains an McNay art exhibition sign) in a manner that will allow the McNay to have much greater visibility from N. New Braunfels and from Austin Highway. Though no specific design plans have been delineated, we have been told that the area will be designed and landscaped to have a very tasteful and pleasing appearance.

The McNay representatives stated that they wish to be good neighbors to Terrell Heights, and will keep us informed as plans develop. DID YOU KNOW? The McNay Art Museum, founded in 1954, was the first museum of modern art in the State of Texas.

Click here to see the full size PDF version of the proposed changes.