Better Tomatoes, thank you very mulch

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Want better tomatoes this June? Heck, who doesn’t want better everything. It’s time for mulch!

Summer is the hardest time of year to garden in South Texas. As we turn the corner on June and tomato season. As we get closer to those hot summer days and nights, it is important to make sure the soil in your garden is ready to take on the heat.  A fresh layer of compost and mulch is essential. The compost feeds your soil and thus your plants. A fresh batch of mulch helps keep the soil moisture level consistent so you don’t have to water as much also. Depending on the amount of sun you get, two to five inches of mulch is necessary. The mulch will settle and then the heat and sun will decompose the mulch, in turn feeding your soil.  Hopefully the rain will continue and with these two steps, we will all have bumper crop of tomatoes and everything else to eat all summer long.

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