Elf Louise Toy Drive 2013 a success

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Terrell Heights residents braved a chilly, windy morning to turn out for the neighborhood’s Elf Louise toy drive on Saturday, December 14th, and donated an estimated 300 toys.  We’re pleased to say that’s three times as many as we’ve collected in years past!  


 We also have it on good authority that the Elf Louise project collected a record-breaking 80,000 toys for children city-wide.

One gentleman dropped off 25 toys.  He said that for his son’s birthday, he asked parents to bring an extra toy for donating to Elf Louise.  Is that incredible or what!

Unfortunately, Louise “Elf Louise” Locker was unable to join us this year.  You were missed, Louise.


Thank you to Linda Spencer, Jennifer Herriott, and Ann Deeds (THNA’s Social Committee) for all of their time and hard work in organizing this year’s toy drive.  You did a great job, gals!

And thank you to everyone who volunteered to help Linda, Jennifer and Ann on Saturday morning:  Amy, Chris, Mark, Jim, Louis, Gary, Mckenzie, Josh, Ally, Cate, Morgan and Hanna, as well as everyone who donated toys.