Volunteers ready Scates Park for Annual Picnic

It was unseasonably cool on the morning of Saturday, April 5th . . . perfect for a little yard work. Even better for Friends of Scates Park to do some weeding, mulching, and raking of leaves to get the park ready for the Annual Picnic on Saturday, April 12th.

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A New Plot in the Garden

February has been a busy month for the members of the Terrell Heights Community Garden.  Over three weekends, Garden members donated their time, tools and sweat to complete construction of the new communal plot in the garden as well as begin construction on the new compost bins.

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What’s New on TerrellHeights.org?

Over the last few months, the Technology committee and the Membership and Communications committee have been working together to bring you a better neighborhood website.  THNA wants all Terrell Heights residents informed about the great things going on in our neighborhood.

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Meet the Board: Mark and Ann Deeds

If it weren’t for Mark Deeds and his wife, Ann, the Terrell Heights Neighborhood Association might not exist today.  The association had been inactive for several years until 1994, when Mark and Ann got together with a few other neighbors to find a solution for speeding traffic along Greenwich.

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About THNA

The purpose of the Terrell Heights Neighborhood Association (THNA) is to provide an organized framework to promote, preserve, and enhance the quality of life and values for the neighborhood of Terrell Heights.


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Community can provide what no government or institution can… the gifts of caring and connectedness.  When we join our neighbors in creating a community that nurtures us and our families, we become powerful.

Terrell Heights is the place we are fortunate to call home.  Here, there’s a deep sense that this is what community can and should be.  I’ve heard it said that community encompasses intangible qualities such as spirit, character, and pride.  Well, I can tell you that the spirit, character, and pride of the folks who live here are anything but intangible.  Dorothy said it best, “There’s no place like home.”

—Kay Kimbell, 2013 THNA President

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